Transporting Bicycles by Train to Chiang Mai

You can transport bicycles on most, but not all, of the trains to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. Whether or not you can transport bicycles by train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai depends on whether the train has a Freight Carriage and whether there is space in the Freight Carriage. It is not permitted to take bicycles into the Passengers Carriages on Thailand Trains, with the exception of folding Brompton style bikes which can normally be placed on the luggage rack along with the suitcases at the discretion of the train staff. Passenger carriages in Thailand do not have the large spaces by the train doors which you find in many European trains where a bicycle could be stored during a journey.

Transporting Bicycles by Train to Chiang Mai
Transporting Bicycles by Train to Chiang Mai

List of Trains to Chiang Mai Allowing Bicycles

You can transport bicycles on 3 out of the 5 trains a day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai if there is room in the freight car.

TrainDepartureArrivalFreight Car?Possible to Transport Bicycles?

Step by Step Guide to Transporting a Bicycle on a Train to Chiang Mai

  • Step 1: Purchase your train ticket. NB: Choose trains 109, 1, 13, 51 because you must travel on the same train as your bicycle, unless you dismantle the bicycle and place it inside some packaging to be sent as a regular parcel in which case you can send it on a different train to be retrieved the Parcels Office at Chiang Mai train station at a later time.
  • Step 2: At least 1 hour before your pre-booked train is scheduled to depart take your bicycle to the Parcels office at Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal. Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal is Bangkok’s main train station. Tip: The earlier you attend the Parcels Office the better as you increase the likelihood that there will be room
  • Step 3: At the Parcels Office show the operative by the weighing scales your ticket and your bike. They speak good English so tell them you would like a ticket to transport your bicycle to Chiang Mai. The ticket price varies depending on the train but should cost around 100 to 150 THB.
  • Step 4: Ensure that the ticket is firmly attached to the crossbar of your bicycle and keep your half of bicycle ticket in a safe place as you will be required to present this on arrival at Chiang Mai Train Station to collect your ticket. Tip: If you are travelling with a bicycle in Thailand and using the trains bring a small roll of transparent sticky tape with you in with your bicycle maintenance kit which you can use to make the luggage tag is firmly secured to your bicycle.
  • Step 5: Locate which platform your pre-booked train is departing from. Tip: The easiest way to find out which platform your train is departing from is to check the Display Boards in the main station concourse.
  • Step 6: About 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the train push your bicycle to the platform where your pre-booked train will depart and look for the Freight Car. The Freight Car will look like other carriages but have no seating inside. Tip: On Thai trains the Freight Car is normally located near the front of the train behind the engine.
  • Step 7: Once you have located the Freight Car wait patiently for the train staff to check your ticket and direct you to load your bicycle.
  • Step 8: Once your bicycle is loaded on the train go to your seat. Tip: On your train ticket it will state your carriage number and then your seat number. The quickest way to get to your seat will be to walk along the platform and identify the correct carriage by the signs on the side of each carriage.
  • Step 9: Enjoy your train journey to Chiang Mai. Do not worry about the safety of your bicycle. Thefts from Freight Cars on Thai trains are extremely rare.
  • Step 10: On arrival at Chiang Mai train station quickly leave the train and walk along the platform to the Freight Car and wait patiently for your bicycle to be unloaded. Once unloaded present your half of the ticket for the bicycle to the train staff to claim your bicycle.

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