Train Ticket Collection in Chiang Mai

Train Tickets can be collected from the Bossotel

For travel from Chiang Mai train tickets can be collected at one of two places or sent to your home address, or address of your choosing at another location in Thailand, such as a hotel. In Thailand it is necessary to be in possession of an actual ticket printed by the State Railways of Thailand (SRT). The SRT do not accept electronic vouchers which is why you need to exchange the electronic voucher you are sent after your booking is confirmed for an actual ticket.

Ticket Collection in Chiang Mai

Train tickets purchased through Thailand Trains can collected at either of two locations, you decide which is most convenient for you:

  • The parcel and freight office in the train station.
  • The Bossotel located near the train station.

Parcel Office at the Train Station

The Parcel and Freight Office at Chiang Mai Train Station is located in a separate building to the the right of the train platforms within the station grounds. To reach the Parcel and Freight Office enter the main station building from the front entrance. Walk past the ticket counters and the food hall on your right and through the open side of the building to the right side of the train platform. From there you will see a separate building with large windows. Inside that building is that Parcel and Freight Office. You can collect your ticket during opening hours (08.30 to 16.30 everyday).

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Reception at the Bossotel 

The Bossotel is 62 metres walking distance from Chiang Mai Train Station. If you choose this option, your train tickets will waiting for you at the reception of the Bossotel. The reception is is always open:

  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week

You can collect your tickets at any time before you travel, although from the point you book a ticket please allow 24 hours for the ticket to be deposited with the reception staff.

Route Map to the Bossotel

To reach the Bossotel from Chiang Mai Train Station:

  • Exit the station via the main entrance.
  • Once outside the train station turn left across the station car park.
  • At the road turn right.
  • The Bossotel is then on the left hand side of the road about 40 metres from the station car park.

Documents required for your Ticket

You will need to bring two documents with you to collect your train ticket:

  • Valid Photo ID, such as your passport or ID card.
  • Printout of the electronic voucher you will be sent after booking.

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