08:30 Train to Chiang Mai

Train 7 to Chiang Mai
Train 7 to Chiang Mai

Train #7 is also the quickest train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Train #7 is a three air-conditioned carriage train with reclining seats. Food and drinks come free with the train ticket.

Train Information

The 08.30 train to Chiang Mai is also the only train which completes most of the journey during daylight hours, all the other departures from Bangkok to Chiang Mai travel overnight.

7Special Express08.3019.3011 hrs 00 min
Stops:Inc Meals:Sleeper:Dining Car:Freight Car:
21Yes NoNoNo

This makes the 08.30 departure the most popular with train enthusiasts and anyone else with an interest in a taking full advantage of the stunning scenery along the route.

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Prices for the 08.30 Train

Seat TypeOnline Price
2nd Class AC seat891 THB

Seat Types on Train #7

Train #7 is a three carriage train with a single seat type:

  • 2nd class air-conditioned seats.

The ticket price includes food served to your seat. The seats are reclining seats with fold down trays attached to the seat in front. These seats are pretty comfortable and they have more leg room than you get in an economy seat on an aeroplane.

One of the three carriages on Train #7
One of the three carriages on Train #7

We advise you get up once an hour and walk around for a short time or the seat will start to feel uncomfortable towards the end of the journey. The carriages are air-conditioned and it is not possible to open the windows. The doors on the train also cannot be opened during the journey. 

Food on Train #7

The food served on these three carriage sprinter trains is similar to aeroplane style food which is served on a plastic tray. The first meal will be a cake or pastry will tea and coffee served separately by the stewardess. The second meal served at lunch time will be rice and a curry.

2nd Class Seats on the 08.30 train to Chiang Mai
2nd Class Seats on the 08.30 train to Chiang Mai

The food tends to be better than the food served in the restaurant car on other Thai trains and is never too spicy for most foreign visitors to eat. The meal is accompanied by a drink and a Thai dessert which may not be to the taste of many foreign visitors unfamiliar with Asian desserts. I have eaten the food on these trains many times and there is nothing to be concerned about in terms of food hygiene. The food is very unlikely to make you feel ill.

Facilities on Train #7

There is no restaurant car or freight carriage on Train #7, which means you cannot transport bicycles on the 08.30 train to Chiang Mai. The only facilities on Train #7 are the toilets at each end of the carriages. Remember to bring your own drinks and snacks for the journey. You should also bring a book and films to watch for the journey. The scenery on route is pretty good, however, there are sections of the tracks which are less interesting and you may get bored if you do not bring something to entertain you.

Modern European style toilets on Train #7 to Chiang Mai
Modern European style toilets on Train #7 to Chiang Mai
  • Electric Sockets: There is a single two prong electric socket at the end of each carriage. Passengers can use this to recharge a telephone or laptop computer but because there is only one per carriage you will need to be patient and wait your turn.

Timetable to Chiang Mai

BangkokSam SenBang SueNikhom Rotphai Bang Khen
Lak SiDon MuangRangsitAyutthayaBan Phachi
09.0609.12 09.2009.47
Tha RuaBan MoLop BuriBan MiChong Khae
Ban TakhliNong PhoNakhon SawanPak Nam PhoChumsaeng
Bang Mun NakTaphan HinPhichitBang KrathumPhitsanulok
Phrom PhiramNong TomPhichaiBan DaraTha Sak
TronUttaraditSila AtDen ChaiBan Pin
Mae MoNakhon LampangKhun TanLamphunChiang Mai

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