Closest Hotels to Bangkok Train Station

Below is a list of the 7 closest hotels to Bangkok’s main train station, known locally as Hua Lamphong, with information about the hotel, route maps from the train station to the hotel, prices and secure online booking links through Agoda for the best value for money deals on Thailand Hotels.

Bangkok Centre Hotel

Bangkok Centre Hotel
Standard rooms at the Bangkok Centre Hotel
  • Walking distance to Train Station: 230 metres
  • Cost: From 1,489 THB
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Number of Rooms: 243

The Bangkok Centre Hotel is a 2 minute walk from the front entrance of Bangkok Train Station. This is large hotel with a swimming pool, bar, restaurant and coffee shop. The Bangkok Centre Hotel attracts large tour groups and gets busy as a consequence. Guest reviews of the hotel are nearly all very bad. By Bangkok standards this is actually not too bad a hotel, however, for the price it would appear that most of their guests expected a better quality of room and of service. The bedrooms are slightly small for 3 star hotel in Bangkok (20 sqm) with free (but slow) WiFi, cable TV and refrigerator, but no safety box in the room.

Route Map from Bangkok Train Station to the Bangkok Centre Hotel

@Hua Lamphong Hostel

@Hua Lamphong Hostel
@Hua Lamphong Hostel is a modern hotel
  • Walking distance to Train Station: 270 metres
  • Cost: From 910 THB
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Number of Rooms: 34

The @Hua Lamphong Hostel is a very new hotel designed and managed in a similar way to the new generation of value for money hotel chains such as Tune Hotels or easyHotel  with small functional rooms – the standard room size is 12 sqm – but newly decorated interiors, room amenities which all function properly, and a high standard of cleanliness and customer service. This hotel is also cheap for what you get. This is a hotel will which suit travellers who are only looking for a place to stay comfortably for a night before getting the train the next day. The @Hua Lamphong Hostel has a small restaurant downstairs and a self service laundry. Rooms come with free WiFi, a fridge and cable TV. Deluxe rooms are the same size as the standard but have superb interior design features. pictures of which have been featured in a number of travel magazines and websites. 

Route Map from Bangkok Train Station to @Hua Lamphong Hostel

SK Boutique Mahanakhon Hotel

SK Boutique Mahanakhon Hotel
The SK Boutique Mahanakhon Hotel is a budget option
  • Walking distance to Train Station: 290 metres
  • Cost: From 644 THB
  • Star Rating: 3 stars
  • Number of Rooms: 18

The SK Boutique Mahanakhon Hotel is a difficult name to pronounce, and for guests staying there it can also be difficult to reach their room: this is a 5 storey hotel with no elevator. The rooms are small, 12 sqm like the @Hua Lamphong Hostel, but unlike the @Hua Lamphong Hostel the decoration and quality of the room amenities do not make up for the lack of space provided. On a more positive note this hotel is very cheap and one of the entrances to the MRT (metro) is right outside the front entrance to the hotel, which means you can get to the train station directly by walking the subway and avoid entirely having to cross any of the busy roads which encircle Bangkok Train Station.

Route Map from Bangkok Train Station to the SK Boutique Mahanakhon Hotel

Chic Hostel Bangkok

Chic Hostel Bangkok
Both private rooms and dormitories are available at the Chic Hostel Bangkok
  • Walking distance to Train Station: 300 metres
  • Cost: 491 THB
  • Star Rating: 2.5 stars
  • Number of Rooms: 53

Very new looking 53 room hotel only built in 2015. This hotel is aimed at younger travellers with four classes of accommodation: 12 bed dormitory, 2 bed dormitory, private room with shared bathroom, and deluxe room with private bathroom. The deluxe rooms here, at 26 sqm, are the best buy: cheaper and better than similar rooms at nearby hotels. The rest of the accommodation is clean and well presented if a little cramped, and notably lacking in storage space for those not staying in a private room. This hotel has an indoor swimming pool, which is great, and an adjacent common room virtually without furnishings, which is not great. No restaurant or dining area, but plenty of common toilets and showers. As with all Bangkok China Town hotels, space is an issue for local hoteliers and hard decisions have to made. At this hotel they decided to provide lots of beds, a swimming pool, but none of the other amenities travellers using hostels tend to need.

Route Map from Bangkok Train Station to the Chic Hostel Bangkok

Prime Hotel Central Station

Centra Central Station
The Prime Hotel Central Station is our recommended luxury hotel near Bangkok Train Station
  • Walking distance to Train Station: 300 metres
  • Cost: From 1,440 THB
  • Star rating: 4 star
  • Number of Rooms: 150

The only local hotel in our list with proper ‘wow factor’ and a welcome 2012 addition to the local hotel scene. This is Thailand Train’s number 1 recommended luxury hotel near Bangkok Train Station. As you leave the train station via the front exit you will see this large and imposing hotel directly in front of you across the road with an illuminated sign. Easy to find. The inside of this hotel has been tasty decorated with a design motif reminiscent of the ‘Golden Age’ of train travel. There are lot of facilities here including fitness centre and swimming pool, as well as three restaurants. The standard room is large (27 sqm) with the normal 4 star amenities, including free WiFi. Although the most expensive of the hotel in this list of hotels near Bangkok Train Station it also one of the best value for money. This hotel is part of the Centara Group and is aimed, in greater part, at wealthier Thai and Asian travellers who are prepared to pay extra for a good hotel whilst at the same time demanding a lot in return for their money.

Route Map from Bangkok Train Station to the Centra Central Station

Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel

View from rooms at the Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel
View from rooms at the Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel
  • Walking distance to Train Station: 400 metres by road or 150 metres via canal bridge
  • Cost: 637 THB
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Number of Rooms: 120

This hotel is the shortest walk from Bangkok Train Station if take the quick route from the side exit of the station and over the canal bridge. To reach the Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel from the train station exit the station at the top left hand side exit. Cross over the side road, and the small car parking area, to a pedestrian bridge over the Krung Kasem canal. The hotel is directly in front of the other side of the bridge. The Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel is a long running independently owned hotel with value for money rooms which include a buffet breakfast in with the online room price (they charge nearly double the room rate for walk in customers particularly at the weekends). The rooms are basic but they are clean, air-conditioned and come with free WiFi and some English language channels on the TV. The reception and restaurant area retain a lot of original features which the owners tell us date back 40 or more years, and the service at this hotel is reminiscent of a past era with two very efficient older Thai ladies closely managing the operation and maintaining high service standards. Cheap hotel with excellent service, and direct views over the train station. This hotel is Thailand Train’s number 1 recommended budget hotel near Bangkok Train Station.

Route Map from Bangkok Train Station to the Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel

2W Bed & Breakfast Bangkok

2W Bed & Breakfast Bangkok
Modern design features at the 2W Bed & Breakfast Bangkok
  • Walking distance to Train Station: 400 metres
  • Cost: From 850 THB
  • Star Rating: 2 stars
  • Number of Rooms: 9

This new hotel (built 2016) with small private rooms and dormitories with bunk beds. The interior design is ultra modern with a Japanese feel. The hotel has a large restaurant but no other facilities. The 2W Bed & Breakfast Bangkok is relatively expensive for what they provide and it will be interesting to see how it fairs commercially over the coming years. You take a chance staying here because the hotel has not been open long enough for proper feedback on the level of comfort and of service.

Route Map from Bangkok Train Station to the 2W Bed & Breakfast Bangkok

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